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Welcome to the web space of the Computational Systems Biology Group. We are integrated in the Systems Biology Program of the National Centre for Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC).

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  • 1-day Workshop on Variability in Biology. May 30th 2022. National Centre for Biotechnology, Madrid. On-line and in-person (limited slots). Registration required. [More info]
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    MBROLE 3.0 - Updated server for the functional analysis of metabolomics datasets. Lopez-Ibañez et al, 2023


    CoMent server for browsing millions of relationships between biomedical concepts inferred from the scientific literature. Pazos et al, 2022

    We have moved all web pages and services to a new web server. If you detect any problem, please let us know.

    iFragMent server - Profile-based approach for predicting biological pathways of chemical compounds [Pubmed:34118870]

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