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  • Biology Methods and Protocols (BIOMAP) A new journal from Oxford University Press for publishing methodology and protocol papers in all areas of Biological Sciences, including Bioinformatics.
  • EMBO Workshop - Integrating genomics and biophysics to comprehend functional genetic variation
    26 - 28 August 2016 (Istanbul, Turkey)

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    Breaking-Cas server - gRNA design for CRISP/Cas experiments for the ~700 eucaryotic genomes available in ENSEMBL through an interactive web interface. @BioinfoGP

    Review on Practical analysis of specificity-determining residues in protein families. Brief Bioinform. (2016) 17(2):255-61.

    Protein functional features are reflected in the patterns of mRNA translation speed. BMC Genomics. (2015) 16:513.

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