New Proteomics Courses

Separation Sciences and MS for Proteomics


Organised by the Geneva Proteomics Research Centre, University Hospital of Geneva in collaboration with the Protein Analysis Facility, University of Lausanne


The applications of proteomics are expanding:

The analysis of biological systems at the proteome level requires the application of current & new technologies. Two times a year we organise courses to teach analytical tools and workflows used in proteomics research.


Our proteomics courses:

The first course Separation Sciences covers theoretical and practical aspects of separation sciences for proteomics, including: LC fractionation; 1-D PAGE & mini 2-D PAGE; SELDI analysis; as well as bioinformatic data analysis and validation.


The second course Mass Spectrometry for Proteomics covers theoretical and practical aspects of MS for proteomics including: MALDI and ESI MS; instrumentation choices; workflows in protein identification, such as peptide mass fingerprinting and tandem mass spectrometry; database searching and data validation.



Both courses are held over 5 days and consist of theory and practical classes.


Separation Sciences: 29 September 3 October, 2003

MS for Proteomics: 6 October 10 October, 2003



Geneva Proteomics Research, Geneva, Switzerland


Registration Fee:

Separation Sciences: Sfr 1500.- 5 days

MS for Proteomics: Sfr 1500.- 5 days

Both courses: Sfr 2500.- 10 days



Preliminary program | Separation Sciences

Preliminary program | MS for Proteomics


Fax or e-mail your application form before June 30th, 2003

Dr. Odile Carrette, Geneva Proteomics Centre

fax: +41 22 372 73 99 | e-mail:



GPC Dr. Jean-Charles Sanchez PAF Dr. Manfredo Quadroni

Dr. Garry Corthals Dr. Willy Bienvenut

Dr. Odile Carrette


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